He states he can’t say whether or not the water Jesus turned to wine had alcohol content or not….but goes onto hypothesize that it did not while later admitting it could.

He admits that new testament believers drank what he calls water downed wine.
He explains they drank wine as an alternative to the dirty contaminated water of that day and that he estimates based on some other guys theory an alcohol content of 4% to 6% or roughly the same as a modern beer.

The insulting part is he tells us they drink wine to avoid contaminated water, only to tell us they take this same filthy water and pour it into good wine 4 parts pond scum to 1 part wine.
To believe that I would either have to believe they were some pretty stupid people to contaminate their alternative drink or I would have to be stupid to believe that they were that dumb.

And lastly show me any other thing that was not a sin in the NT, something that was permissable, that is now a sin like alcohol is made out to be? And what was the date when it changed from being ok, to your going to hell now for drinking it?