Let me first say that I find it is a total disgrace to the CoG (Cleveland, TN) for such a subject to be mentioned, let alone for Dr French Arrington to have to write such a statement. I also noticed that even though this particular writing was in recent days (February 2018), I did notice that an earlier writing by Dr Arrington was posted in 2012, which suggests to me that this subject must have been discussed even then. I studied Greek 2 under Dr Arrington at Lee College (University) in the early 1970s. Dr Arrington is an outstanding Professor and his writings can be totally relied upon.

Now why is alcoholism a discussion issue today? Have you ever thought about that? I contend there are two definite factors that bring about this type of a discussion: (1) the international arm of the CoG; and, (2) the neglect of the Doctrine of Sanctification being taught at Lee College (University).

When the CoG expanded primarily into Europe, having wine with their dinner was a common factor with the European Christians. Instead of the CoG contending against such, they begin to make the argument of acceptance and were influenced by our European brethren.

And secondly, at Lee College, designated classes were conducted on subjects such as (1) Soteriology (Doctrine/Study of Salvation) and (2) Pneumatology (Doctrine/Study of the Holy Spirit). However, there was not even one course offered on the Doctrine of Sanctification. I recall the Doctrine of Sanctification was only brought up in Dr John Sims’ class, Dr Hollis Gause’s Systematic Theology class and in Dr French Arrington’s Greek 2 classes, particularly as it related to our Exegetical Studies. So in essence, the Doctrine of Sanctification was never fully emphasized in our studies at Lee College. I believe it is due to these two factors as to why there is discussion for acceptance of social drink in the CoG.

I would encourage every CoG minister & layman to listen to a sermon entitled SOCIAL SINS by CoG minister Dr Ray H Hughes, Sr, a video that I posted on YouTube.