Troy I was born and raised COG, my grandfather was a pioneer Pastor in the COG….they were founded by a Methodist and a Baptist….in the Methodist tradition they have always been abstainers this is not news.

As always they refer to New Wine or watered down wine which has no actual historical basis, even if it did exist it still had alcohol content at least much like modern day beer which in most cases is only 4% to 5% alcohol which still means early christians were not abstainers.

I am not pro alcohol, I am in no way encouraging anyone to do something in violation of their conscience.
I am saying please don’t insult my intelligence when all of history says different than a modern man made doctrine that is distinctly regional in its application (US and even more so a Southern US thing). God is a worldwide God and holiness is not a regional standard.

The problem with any thing that the COG or anyone else puts out on alcohol is that they always and only give extreme examples of drunken out of control behavior. We all agree the Bible is clear on drunkeness and self control….no one is debating that.

But to infer somehow that a husband and wife who share a glass of wine with dinner is somehow unholy or sinful is simply ludacris and extreme in the other direction.

The bible teaches moderation and self control in any and all things that are allowed under Christian liberty and not strictly prohibited by scripture.

Drunkeness is wrong becuase of the loss of self control which leads to all of the other abusive sins associated with alcohol abuse.