David Lewayne Porter to respond to you misquoting me again:

“Is that why the wheat and tares grow together,
That is why men will grow worse and worse
That is why there will be a GREAT falling away.”

“The messages of Evan Roberts were simple and yet powerful, so much so that it was reported that even the bars (pubs) closed for lack of patrons. ” – just one of many examples. This WHY we should study church history – so we dont repeat it.

The reason we have a falling away is namely because preachers drink and are scared to preach the holiness way because their drinking parishioners would not pay them – so much for holiness by the church clerk paycheck IF churches preach holiness way again bars will close down

BTW if you believe the great falling away you should also believe in a last days great revival. But how do I explain something like that to a pessimistic eschatologian?

AMEN Melvin Harter