Troy Day Come on. Be honest with yourself. Don’t you realize there is no reason to try to read back teetotalerism into the scriptures except for tradition– your church tradition for about 100 years or a little more has opposed all alcoholic beverages. But you can read the Bible too. You can see that drinking wine or beer (or strong drink) for tithes as allowed in the Old Testament, just like I can.

Like me, you can’t find where wine was outlawed. Sure, there are warnings against it. Excess of wine is a dangerous thing. But it isn’t forbidden. There are also some positive statements about wine. It is given to make men’s heart’s merry.

The Jews drank wine at Passover. It had to be fermented completely to be kosher, because the yeast had to die completely to be removed. Jesus drank ‘the fruit of the vine.’ You might insist one of the 12 sailed a boat to the Americas to get some tomato juice, or that some other fruit of the vine was in the cup. But you know that is ridiculous just as I do.

I’m asking you to be honest with yourself. Depart from tradition for once when it just doesn’t make sense.