Nonsense. Fruit of the vine might free us Gentiles up a bit. But three chapters earlier in Matthew Jesus said to do what the scribes and Pharisees bid because they sat in Moses seat. Jesus and the apostles would jave kept kosher and hotten rid pf the yeast and not eaten ot at Passover. Grape juice was not kosher for Passover. When the wine was fully fermented, Jews would slough off the dead yeast. It was the custom to mix the wine with up to six parts water.

When it came to drinking Jesus said to the apostles- drink ye all of it. They all were to drink of it.

Timothy likely tried teetotalerism. Paul told him to keep himself ppure but told him not to drink water only but to drink a little wine for his stomach’s sake.

And we can look through history and see where this absolutely no wine stance came from. It is not from the Bible. The verse you refer to warns against excess.

Europens developed didtillation andcheap ginbecame available to the poor in England. This led to many social problems.

John Wesley pteached against drinking distilled liquor but considered drinking a lottle wine good gor health, whoch he would regularly drink in small, modeate anounts if he were sick. Methodists and others they influenced raising social awareness about and opposing consumption of distilled liquor evolved into a stance against beer and wine in moderation.

And all this is biblically indefensible. Why would the Bible say deacons should not be given to much wine if drinking it was not allowed at all?