Troy Day Not drinking doesn’t make someone weak in faith. If someone thinks all drinking of alcohol in sin, yes he is weak in faith in that area.

Principles of conscience extended beyond issue of meat offered to idols. Corinthians is clear that is the weak conscience issue. In this passage, we have to guess. It could have had to do with kashrut or something else entirely.

At least Christians who thought mystery meat from the market was unholy had some kind of Biblical or theological basis for their belief. Even the article you quote cites a verse reference that allows drinking, and tries to spin an article outright. ‘Not given to much wine’ implies drinking a little is allowed.

Also, I read an article that pointed out the lack of scientific evidence that alcohol in the drinking water killed parasites. It seems reasonable, but I don’t know if there is any evidence for it, much less the idea that this was the reason they drank back then. There could be health benefits for the stomach other than antiseptic properties