Troy Day Those who try to preach teetotalism just have made up doctrine without a leg to stand on Biblically. The reason the Bible can be an ‘excuse’ to drink is that there are plenty of examples of righteous people drinking wine, etc. and verses that indicate that it is allowed. There are warnings against excess.

And like I said, I am a non-drinker with the exceptions (e.g. cough syrup, residue in shrimp scampi or Japanese noodles), though legalistic Pentecostals who don’t have any scripture to back up what they say often like to accuse those who do not agree of having a drinking problem or insinuate it.

The Gospels do not explicitly say what was in the cup, but Jews drank cups of fully fermented wine for Passover. I thought you folks who have degrees in theology learned about all that history stuff.