Troy Day seems to have a strange love affair with the Practical Commitments of the COG.
Notice these are extra and above the Doctrinal Commitments.
If you excommunicate any and everyone who doesn’t follow in full the Practical Commitments of the COG you would have to shut many churches and most Pastors would lose their credentials.
All non-tithers OUT!
Those who don’t submit to the authority placed over them in the Lord OUT!
If you read under Spiritual Example and the under Good Stewards it even tells us how to spend our time….they may deem our debate as a waste of time! OUT! It speaks out against to much leisure time OUT!
It talks about the wise use of money! All the Preachers who built buildings they couldn’t fill or pay for, all the state offices that just about went under a few years ago and the Int’l Leaders who had to reorganize to keep the COG from Bankruptcy OUT!

I could go on and on and on ad homimem since Troy seems to want to kick anyone he can out of the COG and Melvin wants to send them all to hell!