Your whole way of thinking about this is so alien to the way the apostles thought about it and what the Bible teaches.

It’s kind of like this anti-beard Oneness preacher. Most of us don’t care one way or another about beards. Wearing a beard doesn’t make you any less holy. But because of this guy’s tradition for whatever reason, they must have some weird idea that not wearing a beard is more holy.

He wrote,
“When Apostolic Pentecostal Churches And Organizations Say It Is Ok To Wear Beards, The Question Soon Arises…

What do they hope to gain?
Does that bring revival?
Is this in anyway related to the same spirit of rebellion of the Hippies?
What is the purpose?
In some twisted way does the wearer feel it makes them more like Jesus? How?
Isn’t pride part of it?”


Isn’t that whole line of questioning just dumb? Why think there is anything wrong with beards in the first place? Some people interpret Isaiah to mean Jesus ahd a beard.