But now Christ has died and risen again…

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Charles Page | PentecostalTheology.com

But now Christ has died and risen again – to open for believers the door into the paradise of heaven.

Is this a verse of scripture? I am not familiar with different Bible English translations. Help me here!

Brian Roden [12/28/2015 1:36 PM]
A Google search of that quote turns up a few web pages where it is used, but none citing the original source. Sounds like something that may have come from the Apostolic Fathers

Charles Page [12/28/2015 1:41 PM]
I came across it on a Google translate page. I was searching Latin translations

John Kissinger [12/28/2015 9:07 PM]
Charles Page came by a new leading translation today 🙂 Vlad Stepanov Corey Forsyth Timothy Carter Tim Renneberg Brody Pope

Vlad Stepanov [12/28/2015 9:09 PM]
Original verse?

Charles Page [12/28/2015 9:09 PM]
I do use Google translate as a resource to get an idea of different languages and what they mean. It is a good help but certainly not a scriptural translation tool.

John Kissinger [12/28/2015 9:11 PM]
Charles Page uses Google translate to talk to his Latin friends from the distant past before the destruction of Jerusalem Timothy Carter

John Kissinger [01/03/2016 9:18 AM]

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