Troy Day – Yes, BLM was founded by three militant feminists by the names of Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opel Tometi. But it quickly morphed into a grass roots organization that goes beyond these 3 women and their original vision. Each chapter of BLM is independent with variations in their philosophies. The movement exploded after Ferguson with the key shared idea was that the status quo was no longer sufficient for Black America. Remember, BLM was launched 6 years into President Obama’s administration when the Attorney General was also black. And directly because of BLM, 15% of black Obama voters boycotted the Presidential election giving President Trump the election. Since that election, President Trump’s approval rating has doubled among blacks with the biggest gains among younger blacks.

I can tell you that Black Lives Matter focuses on systemic injustice against Black America. You’ve seen our material. That means speaking out against infanticide, illegal immigration, violence in black communities, lack of education choice, keeping black Americans enslaved to subsistence instead of creating jobs, and much more.

Are there BLM chapters rooted in Black Liberation Theology? Maybe. That doesn’t bother me. Christmas is now celebrated on December 25th, which originally was a pagan holiday. But over time December 25th was reclaimed and associated with Christ, not paganism. All of Wesley’s tunes were originally bar tunes. Today we have no recollection of where the tunes came from. My point is that if we associate BLM Cincinnati with Biblical principles we can have our message heard by people that normally reject anything based on Biblical principles, creating a legitimate debate on whether Liberation Theology or Biblical principles are the best path to eliminating systemic injustice against Black America.