Terry Wiles I understand your point Well. In our local community the gospel is somewhat secondary only because many can’t see the Lord when they are hungry, broken, divorced, oppressed, homeless, and often mistreated. They need to know the God who understand a and redeems, but they also need a God who defends.

Eschatology is irrelevant to a people who don’t want to be with a God who supports their oppressor. So often Cone is labeled as intolerant of others and as a black nationalist while he is really pushing for community balance and an honest theology. Whitewashed theology is dangerous. In universities we are taught about Wright, Tillich, and others while ignoring contributions of African forefathers and theologians.

Cornel west and Michael Dyson has done an incredible job of placing theology where it belongs and politics where it belongs. In the black community politics is the oppressive pharaoh we consistently face.

I agree the end times and Jesus return is a major concern for us all. At the same time I think we should find a way to challenge those who preach an imbalance gospel on both sides of the isle. Jesus may not one
Back for another century.