I think this article is a bit extreme and miss some of the finer points of Cone’s intent but it was still an informative piece. Troy Dayay in this group I’ve come to expect to be trolled, ridiculed, and slander which is a shame. Most of us share roughly 85% of the same views just as we would with any other Pentecostal or Apostolic group. We differ on minor doctrinal issues which led to all of the denominational splits in the first place. We should be able to have healthy dialogues without assumptions being made toward one another with inaccurate presumptions being considered factual. I think we could use a renewal of love and the Holy Spirit. I am think we must be aware that we have cultural differences that will not be understood until we are willing to admit that we previously had no desire to understand them. Thanks for sharing this post. It helps each of us think about how the gospel affects other people. We can fight about the social gospel all day, but until you are marginalized you may never understand its value.