Michael Ellis Carter Jr. the difficulty of getting there is compounded by popular white theology that is fully blind in their “personal revelation.” (and it is always personal, these master hucksters are unknowing, yet willing, disciples of one who transforms himself into an angel of light to peddle his darkness). I say “white theology” because they have no “theology”, which is always the “particular” knowledge of God. I do not use the term in the way that Cone uses the term.

These owners of airwaves use their followers mindlessness of the written Word of God to fully fund their delusive gospel of wealth and personal happiness. The crowds applaud and cry out for hours saying “give us Diana of the Ephesians.”

This same distorted Gospel cuts its own channel and runs bank to bank full in the institutions of higher learning of the black community. Cone, and others, are refreshingly honest by stating up front the secondary place the Bible takes in their formed theology of The God Of The Suffering.

Masters of the pulpits, schooled in the BLT of Cone and others, weave the gospel of the oppressed supported by political fronts that white theology has very limited understanding of.

I know and fully respect these men while at the same time observe first hand their belief that they have been given a “different dispensation.” I use Cone because in my opinion his voice is the most distinct and widely embraced, one who at the same time has attempted his own sincere dialogue with white theologians.

Of course, there are others on both sides who attempt to bring balance. But it will take a miraculous direct intervention by God Himself to reverse the status que.

My end time theology leaves little room for such an intervention, but instead sees the unfolding plan of God being laid that will result in a thousand year reign of peace by the Prince of Peace.

My roll is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ by serving Him by leading my family and those God has given me oversight of by faithfully teaching and preaching His Word. The objective end is that I be His Ambassador in a world of darkness and do what can be done with Gods help to win some.

All for souls