Michael Ellis Carter Jr., I agree that King got many of his points from Gandhi, yet those points are also reflected in Scripture. To be honest, when it comes to the interpretation of Scripture, I strive to practice proper hermeneutics and interpret Scripture within it’s proper context. Even there, most certainly timeless principles can be drawn from Scripture. I can make a strong defense of social justice as Bible doctrine and be hermeneutically correct. Michael Ellis Carter Jr., I have not lived the injustice, but after 30 years of ministering in the African-American community, the last 15 as a pastor of a primarily African-American church in the black community I have seen it up close. I have been in the position of trying to comfort a mother whose 23 year old unarmed son was shot in the back by two cops. I see the how discrimination and manipulation by the white power structure here in Fort Pierce contributes to a feeling of helplessness and poverty. I see how the police treat the people of color in the community where I pastor and how they behave much differently on the other side of town. Yes, by virtue of my skin color, I’m a beneficiary of white privilege, but my experience ministering in the black community has opened my eyes and I am striving by the grace of God to make a difference.