Joseph Kidwell definitely not implying you you lack social awareness or familiarity with the struggles. I’m in agreement about a social justice hermeneutic. I concur with black liberation theology. I think we can preach neighbor ethic. I think we should protest injustice. I think we should preach truth to Power. I think we should not blame others for the privileges they enjoy. There is a balance in scripture, but we can only comprehend it from the context which we have experienced Him. I am thankful for pastors such as yourself. Our community needed the principals of king and Malcolm in order achieve civil rights… wait in many ways we are still waiting on those supposed civil rights. Remember protesting is the language of the unheard. Our country hate protest and turn violent on those fighting for truth regardless of color, creed, or religion. I think the bigger issue in the church is preaching racial liberation (or lack there of) and ignoring he over arching theme of liberation that should belong to everyone. Thanks for the dialogue I appreciate your perspective and sharing. I respect you highly for it.