My point here with Dan Irving Jesus the Revolutionist is turning to be a common theme in the social involvement of Pentecostal theology today. On one hand we have the rich and the powerful trying to bring the Kingdom of Heaven via their own power and dominianism. History tells us this did not work too well for Rome, Byzantium, Holy Roman Empire, the Spanish Armada or the English Crown.

Kingdom-now theology is simple utopia for the masses

On the other hand we have Jesus the social revolutionary empowering the poor and the oppressed Same Jesus in the same juxtaposed social gospel liberation theology but this time on the side of the poor

What is wrong with this picture – the picture in America today? Jesus vs Jesus – a kingdom split and separated shall not stand. So cant the Church either

My point the Church should have never fallen in the trap of social theology. Social issues should be resolved via Biblical mandate. Not with humanistic interpretations of the Bible that support one or other side in the political battle. To put it simply – the Church should never put itself on both sides of the political barricade. As a matter of fact the Church does not belong to any side of any human political barricade #ThatWillPreach