The ‘Black Sheep’ of Bible Prophecy :: By Mark A. Becker

The ‘Black Sheep’ of Bible Prophecy :: By Mark A. Becker

Introduction While not exactly an autobiography I had ever envisioned for myself, truly, through my own studies of the Scriptures for over a quarter of a century, I have found myself to be The ‘Black Sheep’ of Bible Prophecy! During the first 15 years or so of intensive Bible study, I devoured many excellent books, […]

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What is Black Theology?

What is Black Theology?

Find out more about Rev. Dr. Charles Howard and the work he is doing HERE.Find his collection of essays in the book The Souls of Poor Folk or his book called Black Theology as Mass Movement.Listen to the full Roundtable Talk on Black Theology …

Life of Black Jesus Theological Matters

What is black liberation theology? Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and an Ethic of Resistance By Reggie L. Williams Dietrich Bonhoeffer publicly confronted Nazism and…

BLACK FRIDAY Theology Matters

Let’s make every day thanksgiving instead of black Friday. There is a psychology at work every Black Friday based on the principle called scarcity….


Pastor Kevin Blader’s Sunday Morning Message @ FCC Winterset – 2/21/2016. Sermon Sources: 1) Bible Works 5, Revision 2 (Bigfork, Montana: Hermeneutika Computer Bible…