Well, in the Bible the help to the poor and the widows was for those in the church or those in the world? Those in the church. Helping others outside the church with social problems and inequality is ok but it isn’t the purpose nor the mission of the church. the kingdom of God restores the MEN to a right relationship with God, not the world. This world and all what is in it will be destroyed and a new one will be created. When people are transformed by the gospel then things in the “secular” are affected and change but are a consequence of the gospel not a direct target for the church. If the church put its efforts into helping the world with social issues has lost focus. The Roman society was a perverted one with a lot of social issues and injustices and we don’t read Paul commanding the Christians to help the poor, combat immorality nor attacking social inequalities in the world but inside the church among its members, those called out from the world into the kingdom of God. Is it wrong to help the poor or build orphanages? Of course not, it’s not wrong but it isn’t the biblical mission for the church and when the gospel is put aside to help the world with worldly needs then the church has failed but if the church preaches the gospel to the world and help those in need among its members then has accomplish his purpose.