Troy Day Yes. You are describing Black Liberation Theology then and today. Marx understood religion is the opiate of the masses. it is this “other gospel” that is driving the political division in America today. Under the cloak of “religion” Jesus is the liberator who identifies with the oppressed. that’s what makes BLT such a powerful political force, one that divides.

Many, if not most “white” religious leaders buy into this in a variety of ways thus we have many “other” gospels, including the gospel of entertainment, music, prosperity, cheap grace; the list goes on and on.

Whether black or white every leader called by God must clearly preach and teach the particular “gospel” of Christianity. And true Christians must know it well, and be able to present the distinct response to the Gospel to others. Churches must be rooted in the particular teachings of the Holy Scripture. Those truths must be at the heart of their life rather than the margin of their church’s life. Only then will we enjoy the common salvation that comes through the sacrifice of the Savior rather than efforts of mankind to set “their people free.”