Another comment from the article indicates he is not a member of NAR, but also doesn’t even know what NAR is. He said, “So I continued to wonder, “What is this so-called NAR?” Last year, some colleagues began sending me links to articles and videos attacking me as one of the leaders of NAR. Worse still, the websites claimed, I denied being part of it. How nefarious and dishonest of me! (To this moment, when I tell the truth about “NAR,” I’m called a liar. It would be very funny if wasn’t very sad)… According to the critics, all of us are lying about our involvement in NAR because we’re embarrassed by it. Honestly, these critics could make better use of their time writing a novel about the Illuminati… Why are these critics making such outlandish charges?.. That’s why I have raised my voice repeatedly in recent months to debunk the myth of NAR: What the critics describe simply doesn’t exist.”