Gary Micheal Epping Peter Vandever Our friend Nelson Banuchi has received an answer to his question from Dr. Brown which we were asked to repost here for our readers to enjoy Here it is

“Nelson Banuchi, thanks for your question! Yes, I’m quite aware of that video, which I watched more than once, and it’s still on our YT channel and our website because I wanted everyone to see what my position was and why I held to those views. That’s also why we reprinted all my early, anti-Trump articles in my new book. So, how did I end up voting for Trump, and why would I vote for him vs. Hillary again? These articles will help explain:…/why-i%E2%80%99m-actually… and Also,…/donald-trump-did-not-die-my-sins (I’d love to interact more, but time does not allow for that.)” ~Dr. Michael L Brown