Dr. Brown has some advice for the NAR critics that are “scaring people with false accusations of a conspiratorial, worldwide, demonic movement,” some of which may be on this thread. He advises that they should “engage in constructive, fruitful interaction,” according to the following guidelines:

First, get rid of the extreme rhetoric (“not Christian”; “aberrant movement”; etc.). You’re slandering your brothers and sisters.

Second, drop the general term NAR. It’s ambiguous at best and misleading at worst and should only be used with reference to the organization once led by Peter Wagner.

Third, don’t put widely disparate groups under the same heading. That only leads to confusion.

Fourth, identify the beliefs or practices you question, be sure you rightly understand them from an insider perspective, then respond to them based on Scripture and fruit. Fifth, recognize the wonderful things the Spirit is doing around the world today. https://askdrbrown.org/library/dispelling-myths-about-nar-new-apostolic-reformation