I don’t know how IHOP would have ‘supported’ Ted Cruz with the way the IRS handles such situations. Did they have him speak?

If I am not mistaken, Ted Cruz is Baptist, and his father, I have read, is in the NAR movement. Even if they outright endorsed his Baptist son, that doesn’t make them NAR< post-mil etc. (I'm not saying they aren't.) Political endorsement or letting someone give a testimony, etc. is not an necessarily eschatological endorsement. Saying something positive about a politician does not mean you endorse his dad's eschatology. 🙂

Here's a question– if you are pre-trib, does that mean you can't try to elect godly candidates? Do you have to refrain from anything to make government and society more stable, less sinful, etc. so the world can get really bad quick so the tribulation can happen and Jesus can come back? I would imagine you could be pretrib and try to vote for godly leaders, etc. You don't know when Jesus is going to come back. You don't have to vote or refrain from voting to set things up so they will be ripe and ready for the man of sin to take over.

You could be pre-trib and think it appropriate to have an impact on society, be salt and light in media, for example, or on the school board, right? Should all the pre-tribbers had decided to let Hitleresque philosophies or Communism take over the world in the 30s through the 50s? Do Christians fighting against human trafficking have to be post-tribbers, or can they be pretribbers to?

I remember in the 1980's, Jimmy Swaggart addressed problems with Waltern Mondale's political stances on issues like abortion, and decried some of the immoral stances in government. He was very much pre-trib, but somewhat political in his preaching. I have read the Jerry Falwell also believed in a pre-trib rapture. I'm sure there have been many, many, many pre-trib preachers who have also tried to get people to vote for a positive change in the political arena. Does any call for Christians to have a positive impact through voting or civil engagement have to be interpreted as evidence of a post-mil viewpoint?