Gary Micheal Let me point out WHAT is real and maybe that will explain why is it important for tomorrow

A few years back the IHOP church left their historic pre-Trib position and moved to some sort of post-Trib It was obvious kingdom-now demoniion post-mil for any trained theologian. We spoke with Peter Vandever right then since he knows them @ IHOP and he said NO way. Sure enough less than 6 months later IHOP supported Ted Cruz whose father and whole upbringing is basically NAR IHOPKC still denies NAR affiliation – too bad because they just based their whole eschatology + social involvement after NAR Sounds like renting churches? Nelson Banuchi

Several of us have noticed many going the same way Brown being one of them No one was gonna mention him since he flips and flops on theological issues BUT Gary mention him as leading authority on eschatology. It JUST happened to be that while flipping from pre-Trib to post-Trib Brown also flipped from anti-Trum to pro-Trump or did he? Who knows? And who cares? The important thing is that this flip comes just in time to server the 2018 elections as a rent-a-church and church followers

As to the term NAR New Apostolic Reformation, its origins are directly from C. Peter Wagner (1930-2016) who took the idea from G12 while in South America and coined the term in 1994 after trying several alternatives such as “Neopentecostal,” “Neocharismatic,” “Independent,” “Post denominational” or “Nondenominational.” and Third-wave” (also a term coined by Wagner)

He subsequently wrote of NAR in his books:
The New Apostolic Churches (1998);
Churchquake! (1999);
Apostles and Prophets (2000);
Changing Church (2004);
and Apostles Today (2006).