NO? Look at OP – the title literally says:


You should start checking your facts ASAP – Brown may deny the rapture b/c he is simply a NAR post-mil – I would not call that Pentecostal by no means

Dr. Brown, who is the lead apologist for the heretical movement, is unique among NAR leaders in that he enjoys close fellowship with non-charismatic evangelical leaders. For the most part, Brown denies that NAR exists or is a strange, convoluted conspiracy theory when in front of non-charismatics, but among NAR audiences, he recognizes its existence and embraces its chief leaders.

For whatever reason, Dr. Brown chose to go on Alisa Childers’ podcast and debate whether or not NAR is a myth with Dr. Doug Geivett and Holly Pivec. Brown, who won’t typically debate any discerning Christians or those who won’t readily embrace him as a solid Christian brother, made the rare decision to interact with Geivett and Pivec, who wrote the book on NAR (literally).