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Christopher Hart | PentecostalTheology.com


While I consider myself pentecostal, and was raised in a classic holiness-pentecostal denomination, I am moving away from self designating as such because I believe we often needlessly separate ourselves from other believers who also affirm the continued ministry and gifts of the Spirit in the church today. I realize that likely developed unintentionally as a result of early pentecostals being ostracized and estranged from their previous churches following outpourings of the Spirit. Nevertheless, I have started identifying as a continuationist over and instead of a pentecostal, thereby emphasizing a unifying position with other believers on the larger issue. IMO making our distinctive positions regarding Spirit baptism and spiritual gifts secondary to our mutual affirmation of the present ministry of the Spirit AND the continued need and availability of all spiritual gifts in the life and ministry of the church better allows us to work from a position of commonality and unity, building up fellow believers, and expanding Christ’s kingdom.

Peter A Vandever [09/25/2015 2:47 AM]
It was because of Pentecostal think saying hell is a bad word haha…. I am joking.

Peter A Vandever [09/25/2015 2:48 AM]
Plus, you have to believe in the Charismatic movement, you live in Tulsa….you know we believe Jesus is returning to the Prayer Center at ORU 🙂

Christopher Hart [09/25/2015 2:50 AM]
I’m actually from Alabama. Only been in Tulsa a year. We are in the process of eventually moving to New Mexico to plant/pastor a church, the Lord willing.

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 3:24 AM]
while the #Pope is getting more and more #Pentecostal … http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/?s=pope

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 3:31 AM]
and William DeArteaga gave us this one the other day http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2015/september-web-only/evangelicals-flock-to-pope-francis-but-what-for.html?start=2

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 3:34 AM]
Christopher Hart you’ve shared with the group before but I am not sure if anyone’s clear on your position (including you). So you are on a quest for spirituality in which you liking the gifts, but not the Spirit to give them and His baptism. Pls explain how do you differ from neo-Pentecostals?

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 3:54 AM]
Please do as much as you can

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 4:15 AM]
Your starting point would be your Pentecostal experience. Not just your upbringing but your personal Pentecostal experience…


  • Alan Smith
    Reply May 19, 2018

    Alan Smith

    Hmm… interesting

  • Dan Irving
    Reply May 19, 2018

    Dan Irving

    I’d read the article

    • Reply May 21, 2018

      Varnel Watson

      Dan Irving does this come from your anit-virus software or facebook itself. Can you pls post a snapshot

  • Louise Cummings
    Reply June 16, 2018

    Louise Cummings

    Why I consider myself a Pentecostal is because in Acts : 2:nd Chapter tells us that on the Day Of Pentecost came. The disciples and even more , about 120 people were gather in the upper room , like Jesus told them to do until the Comforter that he was going away. Back to the Father. But He wouldn’t leave them alone. He would send them Another Comforter, and when He came He would abide with you forever. And when He, The Holy Spirit came , On the Day Of Pentecost Came. Acts 2: will tell you what all happened. But the one thing that happen that is mention , that is in the Bible every time the says anything about anyone receiving the Holy Spirit except two places that I can find. The Bible said they spoke with tongues as The Spirit gave the Utterance. And I received The Holy Spirit , with the evidence of speaking in other Tongues, as The Spirit Gave The Utterance.Thats why I say I’m Pentecostal.

  • Reply June 16, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    Every citizen, including Christians, have a right to choose who they want to serve as President. Many Christians voted for Nixon. A lot voted for JFK. Many also voted for Trump. They were not choosing him as Lord, but they hungered for someone who would work to protect religious liberties and strengthen the economy.

    Was he the poster boy for morality? Actually, none of us are. According to Scripture, there is only one who is good and that is God. It seems that the other choices for President, Dems and Repubs, were not angels either.

    Being a Christian does not necessarily mean one chooses wisely. If I remember correctly, King James of England who commissioned the interpreting of the Bible officially into English, was no saint either. Just sayin.

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