Why I consider myself a Pentecostal is because in Acts : 2:nd Chapter tells us that on the Day Of Pentecost came. The disciples and even more , about 120 people were gather in the upper room , like Jesus told them to do until the Comforter that he was going away. Back to the Father. But He wouldn’t leave them alone. He would send them Another Comforter, and when He came He would abide with you forever. And when He, The Holy Spirit came , On the Day Of Pentecost Came. Acts 2: will tell you what all happened. But the one thing that happen that is mention , that is in the Bible every time the says anything about anyone receiving the Holy Spirit except two places that I can find. The Bible said they spoke with tongues as The Spirit gave the Utterance. And I received The Holy Spirit , with the evidence of speaking in other Tongues, as The Spirit Gave The Utterance.Thats why I say I’m Pentecostal.