Yes it does.
It is our choice to make.
HE just knows in advance what we will do.
The knowing in advance does not change the freewill of mankind.
You see,
you are trying to limit man’s choices due to God’s foreknowledge.
And limit God’s foreknowledge by man’s choices.
Never are correct.
Just as you say God can’t have thoughts due to no choices.
Yet the creation began with it being a thought with the God-Head.

As far as your question
The future settled in God’s eyes – yes, He knows what is going to happen because He is already there (time was created for man – not God).
The future settled for man,
Not until he gets to it and makes his choice.

I love the way you try to tell me what I can, do believe
And what my view can and can’t possess – when you can’t even grasp what I am saying ((since we have gone over this several times already)).