What do you all think of Agnes Ozman’s automatic writing?

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So, what do you all think of Agnes Ozman’s automatic writing that proven to be nothing but scribbles?

John Kissinger [09/14/2015 10:12 AM]
what language did she claim it was?

Henry Volk [09/14/2015 11:19 AM]

John Kissinger [09/15/2015 1:03 PM]

Henry Volk [09/15/2015 1:35 PM]
She just said Chinese.

Henry Volk [09/15/2015 1:35 PM]
I believe?

Henry Volk [09/15/2015 1:48 PM]
Hun Park, I noticed you shared this post. Without knowing anything about you, I am going to assume you are Chinese. Does this seem intelligible to you? The linguist that initially examined it, dismissed it as scribbles. What do you say?

Henry Volk [09/15/2015 6:40 PM]
Hun, I checked your Facebook page and saw the Hangul on your page. My apologies.

Link Hudson [09/15/2015 8:21 PM]
From a logical perspective, how is it possible to prove them to be ‘nothing but scribbles.’ that doesn’t make sense.

Henry Volk [09/15/2015 8:22 PM]
That’s true. Lol

Link Hudson [09/15/2015 8:28 PM]
The bottom right hand side looks a little like Arabic script, then the script turned sideways. Mongolian had an Arabic script turned that way if I recall correctly. other parts look like unconnected Arabic letters.

John Kissinger [09/15/2015 8:53 PM]
it can be proved only in heven

Derrick Harmon [09/15/2015 9:08 PM]
Lots of “J’s” in the bottom right corner.

Charles Page [09/15/2015 9:21 PM]
if it is tongues are we supposed to read it? the interpretation should be legible!

Link Hudson [09/15/2015 9:52 PM]
The bottom right hand corner looks a little like Mongolian script, or Arabic script turned on it’s side like Mongollian script. This example doesn’t seem to have all the shapes of Arabic.



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