Ricky Grimsley
It is about reconciling the scriptures (all of them). All 66 books which shows God’s unlimited sovereignty, unlimited power.

Yes God does say (here I am, I am God).
The Bible is not to prove God, it starts with Him as a fact.
He then lays out His Foreknowledge and plan with purpose and intent for us and mankind.
He offers us the free will to choose.
But you are right it is more than that.

It is about a real, eternal, and personal relationship between us and our creator.
Not forced or coerced, but freely, lovingly, chosen and given.

You present a God that helps us stumble through life and hopefully into eternity (because He can’t know in perfection and entirely how to get us there).

That God is about like the God of the Jehovah Witnesses.
He can give bodies that live forever, but can’t give bodies that can forever die in the fire and brimstone of the lake of torment.

I reject your stance as I reject their’s on those grounds.

I don’t need a god like that.
That is not the God of the Bible or God-Head.