Ricky Grimsley
If it was set in stone as you tend to push constantly, then there would be no human freewill.
God MUST allow time to progress and us to freely make those choices inorder to be just and fair in addition to keeping with His characteristic of freewill.

Until you can work that into your theology, well you are stuck in this circular track.

As far as Jeremiah 18.
I am fine with that.
Again God allows us to come to a place of personal choice and then gives us the justice of those choices.
Did you not ever give your kids a choice of right or wrong with a threat of consequences for the bad knowing ahead of time that you were giving the good? How could you do that because you knew your kids and their personalities better then them.
You also knew their response to the punishments and rewards and how that would effect their decision.

That proves God’s power, knowledge, love, ability to allow freewill (etc).