Willow Creek wrote a book called “We Were Wrong”

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Back in 2007, Willow Creek had an ephinany and they wrote a book about it. It was called “We Were Wrong”. What they discovered in a nutshell was that they had not made disciples but merely converts. Here is the link to an article describing their discovery.

Jon Ruthven [02/18/2016 7:42 PM]
Our Protestant theology has greatly distorted the NT profile of a disciple. See *What’s Wrong with Protestant Theology: Tradition vs Biblical Emphasis* (available, Amazon.com)

Stan Wayne [02/18/2016 7:51 PM]
But this is 2016 I think – is there an update?

Troy Day [02/19/2016 7:28 AM]
good to know

Terry Wiles [02/19/2016 8:37 AM]
The interesting thing about the confession is that they were doing thing right with no results. They were training leaders. They had sound teaching material. And they were intentional in their efforts.

IMO they ran straight into an American religious culture that is not excited about true discipleship but pleasing social connections.

Whether we want to admit it our not that same culture runs deep in Pentecostal churches.

At least Willow was willing to examine results and admit failure.

Pentecostals simply want to record conversions and signs and shout “victory”. Fear of what we will find keeps us from looking at ourselves and admitting a conversion is only the beginning.

John Kissinger [02/19/2016 8:37 AM]
“they were doing thing right with no results” #RIP

Stan Wayne [02/19/2016 9:12 AM]
But what is wrong with “pleasing social connections”?

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”
Acts 2:42 ESV

John Kissinger [02/19/2016 12:23 PM]
wasn’t 2007 about the Hrislam connection and then in 2009 the Obama inauguration prayer came along?

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