Throne room discourse of 1 Kings 22

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Ricky Grimsley |


What do you feel the Holy spirit intended to convey by showing us the throne room discourse of 1 Kings 22?

Ricky Grimsley [02/29/2016 5:09 PM]
I guess not a good conversation starter. Lol

John Conger [02/29/2016 9:04 PM]
Haha….havent you heard the 100s of sermons on this?

Ricky Grimsley [02/29/2016 9:04 PM]
Lol none ever.

Alan N Carla Smith [02/29/2016 9:05 PM]
come on, Ricky enlighten the group with your thoughts? Please sir.

John Conger [02/29/2016 9:18 PM]
Ricky Grimsley you ever heard that you’re Trouble maker?wink wink

Ricky Grimsley [02/29/2016 9:22 PM]
Personally i just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts about it. My thoughts about it would steer the conversation into another topic thats more volatile. Just seems like God is asking for advise and coming up with a plan and asking for volunteers. Dont usually think of angels in that light. And of course there is the whole lying spirit part? Why did need a lying spirit. Why not just a kill him on his own?

Troy Day [03/01/2016 10:37 AM]
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  • Ricky Grimsley
    Reply June 14, 2016

    Ricky Grimsley

    I think it conveys that while
    God is sovereign, that he still decides to involve his creation in how things are handled in the world. Perhaps it is related to Job as well. I agree with Michael Heiser’s “divine council teachings.

  • Peter A Vandever
    Reply June 14, 2016

    Peter A Vandever

    I like Mark but dont agree with him on some things.

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