There are some people who believe nature to be the…

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Kayson Diamond |


There are some people who believe nature to be the all providing parent of life — terming her “Mother Nature.” That is imbecility to say the least. First of all; the nature of land shows that it cannot produce anything fruitful of it’s own if it wasn’t firstly and intentionally planted. Men plant trees according to need; and these are those things worth considering lively. And so if nothing but weeds could be produced by nature’s cycle without human intervention, then it’s foolish to allocate the power of liveliness to the earth; for the earth gives nothing lively without intervention. The earth is merely an incubator. If then an incubator, then all life according to need from intelligence, lies with the intervener.

That being said, all glory of life is to be given to God — the one and true parent. The earth is merely the incubator that gets life ready for the nature of life. Seeing as babies are incubated and prepared bodies in living entities(females) to get them ready to be brought into the midst of living entities; then the earth by nature of being an incubator for life too must antecedently have a creator — as all creatures by reason of their nature, do. And this creative eminence is not to be accredited to the universe in any way; for the nature of life on earth shows, after considering the intellectual ability of man, that individual intelligence was greatly involved in the mechanics of growth.

Having written the above to acknowledge the one true creator, I now write to spiritually edify us by revealing Him. That being said, life on earth shouldn’t be seen as something as important as that which comes after it; for death really is the true birth into life. I write this because of this reality that is our tendency to live as though our bodies are what was most important. We must ensure that we know the body for what it is — an incubator. And then when we realize this, knowledge is all that we’d seek — the knowledge of life.

This is where Christianity, because of the message of it’s revelator, is found of me to be the true life. For the revelator brought the unimaginable God (who provokes fear in the hearts of men) in the light of perfect love; in whose understanding, the hearts of men could rest in perfect rest via the confidence acquired through belief in the revealed the nature of God. For true life begins when fear is eliminated! And so according to earthly mechanics, we must realize our being on earth to be like babies being birth into the presence of those who would be our intimate company in a lively society. As with our deliverance from the wombs of our mothers, knowing how we came into the company of love and friendliness; it would be wise to know God in the right light — as a loving Father and the epitome of benevolence. And none reveals God with such intimacy which drives out fear, like Jesus; for in Jesus, we receive the mind of the spirit that possesses the confirmed parent-to-child bond of love — one who so intimately knows the parent; so that we as children being born, may not fear death or the troubles of child birth. And this confirmation has been reaffirmed over and again in many a witness.

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    Ava Reyes

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