Link Hudson. My husband and I got married in 1958. And we went to Chicago Ill to live for about four years. But I’m not sure what year we went up there. I know we lived at home long enough that my first child was born here. I don’t remember how old he was , when we went up there. We stay long enough I had two girls born. I was just thinking we went to one of A.A. Allen’s services while we were there. But it seems like it was a big tent revival. I barely can remember. But I think we did. But don’t remember going back. I could have it mixed up with someone else. But I pretty sure we went to his at least one night. I know I remember going to one of Bro. Bro Ellis Revival one night. He was for real. He has written more of the songs in our Hymnals than just about anyone else. My husband and I use to sing I believe at least two of his songs as specials in church. He was good. And his father was old enough he was blind or almost blind. He sang a song he wrote or either his son , Bro Vep Ellis songs It was great. I didn’t doubt him at all.