Link Hudson do you mean the original article written for Strang media OR the one with the mantle? Philip Williams I got up to watch the storm while having my morning coffee so let’s see about this and IF God still speaks with thunder 🙂 We have several authentic knowers of Allen’s ministry and life work Melvin Harter being one of them who almost bought the AZ college property to restore it few years back Now it was probably 20 yrs ago around 97 or 98 I spoke with RW about Allan’s last book – the one on miracles And we discussed much the prophecy of the service where ALL would be healed. RW was worship leader for Allen and traveled with him a lot – completely denied that last charges as a setup ANYHOW he said to me that he spent his life waiting on the service where ALL would be healed NOW he may have seen more miracles in his services than Allan I dont know but I know he tried to have that ONE service almost all the way till 2010 befor ehe passed to Glory in 2012 – now HOW about that?