The Judgement of God is upon AMERICA and all those who join it

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The Judgement of God is upon it, and all those who join it.

Why is the judgement of God upon the it? Because its leaders seek to impose their laws on the nations….They intend do this by controlling world trade. We know this by God’s prophecy.

In the Bible, Revelation chapter 13, is all about a “beast.” In scripture a Beast symbolises a Kingdom” as in Daniel 7:23. This kingdom introduces an identity without which “no man can buy or sell.”… Trade. Revelation 13:17

Their political union aliance is motivated by the “dragon” as is said in Revelation 13 verse 4. Which symbolizes Satan, (as in revelation 12:9)

Note that when friends meet they shake hands, this is a sign of their unity. Likewise those who join it are showing their unity for the system and are spiritually marked in heir right hand. (as in Revelation 13:16) The punishment, of God is on all those thus marked. (shown in Revelation 14:9-10)

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  • Reply December 24, 2020

    Leonard Ransil

    To whomever you are:
    “THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD IS UPON THE AMERICA, AND ALL THOSE WHO JOIN IT.” By saying “AMERICA” (a curious phrase) I assume you mean the United States of America which, by all reasonable accounts, has championed the cause of FREEDOM for the whole world more than any other world power ever has.
    And why is that? Because America was FOUNDED on the basic Judeo-Christian principles of “life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all Mankind, as enshrined in its Constitution. It was why the God of the Bible sent His divine Son to earth (the celebration we call Christmas, in case you are not aware) “to set the captives free.” It was America that set Europe – and potentially the world – from German domination – TWICE. And used the Marshall plan to help it become a free nation again – from the bondage of Russia. It was America that defeated Japan that also wanted to “conquer the world.”

    If America’s intent was to” seek to impose their laws on the nations” it would not have set these nations free – to function independently of America. AND America is still battling against countries like Communist Russia and China and their lust for world-domination. If you are looking for a BEAST, look no further.

    However, there are now some forces who have infiltrated the many institutions in America to overthrow its Constitution and destroy this remaining bastion of liberty by any means possible in order to create “The One-World Order.” But those insidious forces are not true Americans – who have had their own sons and daughters buried in cemeteries all over the world for defending foreign nations, as well as America itself.

    America has spent much time and great treasure battling against countries like Communist Russia and China in their lust for world-domination. If you are looking for a BEAST, look no further. Overall, America has historically been part of the solution, not the problem. Why would God judge a country that has done more for the cause of Christianity than any other? our objections make no historic sense!

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