Bob I am taking you on this very very timely post Maybe if the church did better in multi ethnic ministry DACA would have not been an issue at all. In US history the Church have always been an integral part of America’s culture melting pot. Not so in recent decades when sub-cultures are formed in every major city and now even in small rural towns – MI towns all Muslim, Dalton GA 99% hispanic and so on

During some doctoral research back in the day when sub-cultures was on the rise, we polled 100 mid-large Pentecostal congregations in Atlanta area

how many wanted to do multi-cultural ministry – 100%
how many have never done any or been trained to do any multi-cultural ministry – 100%

That is 100 of 100. Other questions were more checkered. Let;s take this talk from there – training to do cross/multi culture ministry – do we have it ?