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Tonight I heard a man preach on the Lordship of Christ. I believe he is saved and born again and loves the Lord Jesus.
Afterwards we were alone. We talked about men’s ministry. He said “I try to identify with men. I tell them ‘I have a problem with lust. It’s a weakness. I have a pretty wife but when we fight sometimes my mind wanders off and I want other girls.’ ”
I told him “you need to start looking at it as a devil that wants to destroy your marriage. It not just your carnal desires. It wants to destroy your family. Destroy your testimony. How did Jesus handle temptation. He put the word of God in his mouth.” I encouraged him to quote Matthew 4:10 and get that devil off of him. “When you put the word of God in your mouth you get the devil off your back.” And run him through the verse a few times to demonstrate it.
I ended by saying “don’t you think it would be a better testimony to say ‘Jesus gave me the victory over that thing’ .” He looked at me like it never occurred to him. And he’s a good man. A good preacher. Loves Jesus.

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    Varnel Watson

    Dan Irving wasnt Lordship one of the blocks toward the 7 mountains

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