Pentecostals and Doctrinal Purity

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The message is that God was displeased with the pastor and church at Pergamos because there were those that were formal members of the church that held to doctrines contrary to the Word of God. The call to “Repent” in v16 is directed at the pastor and church for allowing those holding false doctrines to remain formal members of the church.

Charles Page [04/24/2015 8:06 PM]
If the Spirit and Word are allowed without resistance then when you have doctrinal purity you will have Biblical evangelism. If you are not evangelistic it is because you do not have doctrinal “orthopraxy”

John Kissinger [04/24/2015 8:13 PM]
In the matter of doctrine, alike Tertullian, we should not dogmatize but keep silence at the mystery of the cross. In the matter of purity, alike Tertullian, we should use the ‘rule of faith” i.e. rightly dividing the New Testament as our rule of faith and practice!

Charles Page [04/24/2015 8:43 PM]
rightly divided Word and Holy Spirit un-resisted yields evangelism!

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