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Charles Page, what women get on a platform dressed like men to minister to a congregation? All women that I’ve seen ministering on platforms, dress like women. As a matter of fact I served as the assistant pastor to a woman senior pastor for 5 years. She always dressed like a woman.

Timothy Carter [07/14/2015 10:33 PM]
Charles Page if you are talking about me when you made your question “homophobia????” And you were sure to use 4 question marks. To answer your 4 questions No I am not paranoid about catching the sin of homosexual or lesbianism. Just because I have the ability to still think for myself don’t mean I am afraid of these people. I believe it is the other way around. Those of you who are having nightmares about offending a sinner your the one with the PHOBIAS!!!! To prove my point I was a Federal Chaplain in a 2nd offenders Sex Prison. Theses men had committed the most sickness and terrible criminal activity know to man kind. I was there as their Counselor and Priest. All of them were sex offenders. Many against young boys. I could not do my job if I had your PHOBIAS and were afraid to hurt their feelings or afraid there homoness might got on me. Look just because someone doesn’t always agree with you don’t mean that they have PHOBIAS. I don’t know if you do or not. I just turned it around on you because I want to show you that you have no business saying stuff like that too people. You don’t know where they are coming from. Or what they have been through to get here. Now that I brought this up my years in the prison and get a hear those guys storys is another reason why bathrooms should remain separate.

Charles Page [07/14/2015 10:41 PM]
Timothy, I was referencing you directly. I should have said that. I still say that.

RevChristophoros Iaonnes Janson [07/14/2015 10:49 PM]
I don’t have nightmares or fear about offending people. I just choose the higher road that wins. Love wins!!

Timothy Carter [07/14/2015 10:59 PM]
Both of you are are saying that I don’t have the of God. But you don’t know me. You are passing judge on me because because I don’t feel comfortable talking a dumb with woman in the room. So you say I have a phobia. Are you certified by the DSM-5 to tell people this? When did you pass the national DSM-5 examine? How is not want to take a dump in the room with woman a show of unlove?

Timothy Carter [07/14/2015 11:01 PM]
How is talking a dumb in the room with woman the highest road?

John Kissinger [07/15/2015 12:41 PM]

Boy Scouts of America’s Executive Committee Unanimously Approves End to Ban on Gay Adults

RevChristophoros Iaonnes Janson [07/15/2015 4:48 PM]
Timothy Carter, It doesn’t matter to me what equipment people have between their legs in the restroom. Why should it matter? Already as it is straight people, gay people, and transgender people have used men’s restrooms for years before any laws were established for all of them to do so. There shouldn’t be any laws restricting people from civil rights. I believe certain sexual practice to be sin, but it not my job to tell some else that they are wrong, when they haven’t come to Jesus yet. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict people of sin. It is my job as a pastor to bring correction to believers and to love all my neighbors, believers and non-believers, as myself. But toward non-believers, it’s my duty to draw them to Christ, Who Alone changes all of us. Us making moral laws based on the Bible is crazy, as we would also have to make it a law that all people in America must worship only the Triune God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (as this also is moral law). The only reason to make Christian moral laws is to oppress people and exclude them from ever wanting anything to do with God, because we convince them that God hates them. People don’t come to God because they obey Him. People obey God because they were drawn to His love. Homophobia has nothing to do with our righteous perception of God’s Word concerning sin; it does, however, have to do with us treating our LGBT neighbors with hate contempt and disrespect.

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