#CrackerBarrel to Change to a Politically Correct Name

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#CrackerBarrel to Change to a Politically Correct Name

John Kissinger [07/14/2015 4:35 PM]
Cadence Ashley Westbrooke waiting for you to ask what this has to do with Pentecostal Theology and watch half of the group jump you 🙂 Alan N Carla Smith

Cadence Ashley Westbrooke [07/14/2015 4:41 PM]
I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with Pentecostal Theology? hahahahahaa.

John Kissinger [07/14/2015 4:44 PM]
Rick Wadholm Jr would love to answer you, but they dont have Cracker Barrel up north and he is too busy grading 600 graduate papers (hopefully on real Pentecostal Theology topics)

Alan N Carla Smith [07/14/2015 9:08 PM]
I’m waiting on Charles Page..first

Charles Page [07/14/2015 9:27 PM]
does anyone know what an oak cracker barrel is?

Charles Page [07/14/2015 9:31 PM]
How many Caucasians can you get in a cracker barrel? Throw a quarter in and see!!!

Alan N Carla Smith [07/14/2015 10:17 PM]
Take it easy C.P.

John Kissinger [07/15/2015 9:32 AM]
Stanford University released a study in Nature Medicine showing that men who regularly eat grits are 70% likely to have gay children http://dailycurrant.com/2014/05/05/study-links-homosexuality-to-eating-grits/

Charles Page [07/15/2015 11:20 AM]
People who eat at Cracker Barrel are more likely to hate gays!!!

John Kissinger [07/15/2015 11:31 AM]
is ths why US fast-food giant—made famous first for its chicken sandwiches, then for its CEO’s opposition to gay marriage—said yesterday it will switch to cooking with hormone-free poultry. “Our commitment is to serve chicken raised without antibiotics in all Chick-fil-A restaurants, nationwide, within five years,” the company said in a statement. http://www.chick-fil-a.com/antibiotic-free

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