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HAPPENING RIGHT NOW at #Chattanooga City Council

Chattanooga City Council is scheduled to vote on an ordinance next week intended to protect LGBT employees from discrimination.

John Kissinger [07/14/2015 6:17 PM]
Charles Page http://www.newschannel9.com/news/top-stories/stories/unofficial-gay-day-at-lake-winnie-18639.shtml

RevChristophoros Iaonnes Janson [07/14/2015 6:18 PM]
Thank you, Jesus. It’s about time we stop discriminating. While we hold to Biblical views, the Bible never allows for the Christian to deny others basic civil rights.

Timothy Carter [07/14/2015 6:57 PM]
What about our right to privacy? If all bathroom ? are going to be unisex now then the organization needs to provide better privacy. The urinenls need to be in stalls. Every stall for urinenl and commode needs to be down to the floor with no cracks in the door, and the walls need to be tall like the dressing rooms.

Charles Page [07/14/2015 7:00 PM]

John Kissinger [07/14/2015 7:03 PM]
Timothy Carter perhaps you can use the point on “place of public accommodation” by Ed Brewer

RevChristophoros Iaonnes Janson [07/14/2015 7:37 PM]
Tim Carter, there are sexual predators (gays are not the same as sexual predators) who have always used open urinals. What’s changed?

John Kissinger [07/14/2015 7:44 PM]
Charles Page already addressed this one recently http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/13/politics/pentagon-may-lift-ban-on-transgender-people/

Timothy Carter [07/14/2015 9:23 PM]
RevChristophoros This has nothing to do with who a person wants to have sex with in private. This is about woman dress up like men and men dress up like woman and an child using the same bathroom. There is no reason to subject a child to this type of behavior. Also I don’t want to share the bathroom with woman. They will start trying to pass the law and enforce it if a man don’t put down the sit he will be arrested. You know females get angry about that not in public LOL. Your point of gays using the bathroom for years is not related here. He can still use the man’s bathroom if he is waring a dress. A woman don’t need need to be in the men’s bathroom just because she is not in a dress. It is not discriminatetion. If so in what way is it discrimination? Boys and girls both have their own bathrooms. Maybe the OTHER PEOPLE (the person who has problems with self identity) needs the Organization to build their own bathroom. But even that would not make them happy. They would complain about it. No matter what is done theses OTHER PEOPLE will never be happy because they hate God Rom Chapter 1 . So NO we don’t need to try and make there life more comfortable. They are doing it to themselves. They love the SICKNESS of SIN!

Charles Page [07/14/2015 9:37 PM]
I agree with this…women should not dress as men and get on a platform to minister to a congregation. Next will be men wanting to dress as women to minister to their congregations.

RevChristophoros Iaonnes Janson [07/14/2015 10:22 PM]
Timothy Carter, Not all LGBT people hate God. Just like not all straight people hate God. Gender neutral bathrooms have nothing to do with sin. Years ago bathrooms were gender neutral until the French changed it. People also thought certain ethnics should have separate bathrooms; glad we changed that. This is not a sin issue; it’s a humyn rights issue. We can hold Biblical lines for our personal views of sin, while treating people of other views of morality with dignity, respect, and tolerance, by changing the restroom laws. It’s not that hard. While holding to our own Biblical morals, may our LOVE WIN for all humynity created in the Imago Dei.

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