Church Growth Characteristics

Church Growth Characteristics

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Growth begins with investment in a process which will cause change. Churches which experience dynamic growth focus on the following important dynamics:

(1) Genuine experiences of the presence of God;
(2) High level of self-motivation;
(3) Unified vision and purpose;
(4) Clear goals;
(5) Pioneering or establishing a precedent;
(6) Finding people in the community and building relationships in the church structure;
(7) Relevance to their location and culture;
(8) Teaching activities and services designed to understand and to be understood;
(9) Encourage participation and commitment;
(10) Strong leadership;
(11) Quick to implement positive changes;
(12) Not afraid to abandon unnecessary traditional programs.

Such dynamics will draw people to your church.


  • Charles Page
    Reply June 28, 2019

    Charles Page

    seeker friendly principles come to mind.

    • Reply June 29, 2019

      Varnel Watson

      why would you stop there

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