N.T. Wright on Filming the End Times

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What will it look like when Jesus returns (the Parousia)? If we could videotape it what would we see? The Bible, according to Bishop Wright, is full of poetic images that offer very little detail. “The metaphors are not reality but signposts that point into the fog. Signposts can tell the truth without showing the truth.” All we can really know is that the culmination of “the new world being born out of the womb of the old” will be both a wonderful surprise and a hope fulfilled, where we say both “Wow!” and “Of Course!”
Part of an interview by Dr. Tod Bolsinger, Senior Pastor of San Clemente Presbyterian Church, at the Pastors Retreat of the Los Ranchos Presbytery held at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA. Bishop N.T. Wright is the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England.


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