God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity & the Universe :: By David Cogburn

God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity & the Universe :: By David Cogburn

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Book review by Terry James

I’m always interested in any writing effort that touches young people—particularly teens and young adults. This volume does exactly that as a testimonial at the conclusion of the review will attest.

The theme of David Cogburn’s book is relationship, and it’s all about how to have an intimate, personal relationship with God now and forever.

This book explains God’s plan for mankind from creation to the beginning of eternity, when all believers are living forever with God in a new, sin-free heavens and earth. It explains God’s plan for “everything” and all the major things God has done—plus why He has done them this way. It explains why God created the angels and then created human beings, and what was necessary to bring that about. It explains why God had to create a universe in the first place.

It explains what happened to cause every human being to be born with a sin nature and be born spiritually dead, and how He alone did what is necessary for us to go from being spiritually dead to spiritually alive—and what it means to be born again and connected to God. The book talks a lot about why the Bible alone is the true Word of God and how invisible God knew what He had to do for a human race with a sin nature. The author says God had to become “invisibility made visible” in two major ways. First, He had to reveal Himself to the world, and He became “visible” through His creation. The second thing He had to do was communicate to the world what He wants us to know, and He does that through His supernatural Word, roughly a third of which is prophecy.

Cogburn explains how people can know which religion is the only correct way to God versus the deceptive and faulty plan of every religion on the planet.

This book explains a lot about end-time events. David Cogburn goes into what the Rapture is and why it has to occur. He explains the Tribulation period, the thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus, and then eternity following His millennial reign.

God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity & the Universe shows in a clear way that God’s plan is to present His Son, Jesus, with a Bride, thus allowing believers of the Age of Grace (Church Age) to enter an intimate relationship to become one with God.

The author describes “the sinner’s prayer” and how to have that intimate family relationship now. He writes in a very easy-to-understand fashion. This book is sort of like the “Cliff Notes” of the whole Bible and is written for readers ranging from those with no knowledge of the Bible to those much farther along in their studies of Scripture. There are things in this book that many folks have never even thought of before.

And this is the part that makes me know how effective this book can be in benefitting the young.

A mother writes the following to the author:

Thank you so much for writing the book, God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity & the Universe. I gave a copy to my daughter Katie, who is 19. She sat down & devoured your book!

Children & young adults today have NO idea what God’s overall plan is for His creation. [Her daughter] kept saying, “Mom… I didn’t know… I had no idea. Is this really true?”

I wish I could get your book into every young person’s hands. Anyway… thank you for writing your book and telling it in a way that makes sense for everyone to understand.


God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity & the Universe

Author: David Cogburn

Pages: 163

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