God’s Laws: Sin, Law, Grace, and Obligation

God’s Laws: Sin, Law, Grace, and Obligation

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Battling Racism and Lawlessness

Battling Racism and Lawlessness

God’s Laws: Sin, Law, Grace, and Obligation is now available in a Kindle eBook format edition. Note that unlike the print edition, the eBook edition does not print out all the scriptures (which are many). You will have to look them up.

Randy H Johnson [10/03/2014 9:58 PM]
Romans 14.

Isaiah White Theologian [11/03/2014 10:15 AM]
Do we pentecostals believe in the ten commandments including the Sabbath?

Paul Hughes [11/03/2014 8:08 PM]
In the book, I explain the difference between “sanctifying the Sabbath” and “keeping the Sabbath.” Christians are no longer bound to the strictures of Moses’ Law in regard to the Sabbath. However, honoring God’s creative acts, devotionally, by recognizing a sabbath, or every day as if it were the sabbath, is quite appropriate.

Other than the insertion applying Moses’ Law to the Sabbath (in regard to refraining from work), the Ten Commandments is a formulation not of Moses’ Law but of elements of God’s Eternal Law, as I deem them to be, which were valid before Moses and remain valid to the Christian today.

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