Many churches are like Laodicean and have believers who have been taught they have lost their salvation. Revelation 3:20-22
3:20. Through their sinful attitudes and actions the Laodicean believers had shut the Lord out of their lives. Now in His mercy and grace He seeks fellowship with anyone there who “hears His voice and will open the door.” Christ’s invitation here is not for lost sinners to believe in Him for the free gift of eternal life, but for His disobedient children to get close to Him once again. If any of these lukewarm believers did open the door to Him, Christ promises, “I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” This is a promise that they will enjoy close fellowship with Him once again.

3:21-22. Every believer who overcomes by keeping Christ’s works until the end of his earthly life (cf. 2:26) will rule with Christ forever (“sit with Me on My throne”). Christ was obedient to the end of His earthly life and was rewarded with a share in His Father’s throne. In the same way, He promises those believers who overcome a share in His eternal throne (cf. Matt 25:21,23; Rom 8:17 b). Initially these faithful believers will rule with Christ on earth for a thousand years during the millennial kingdom (cf. Rev 20:6). Throughout eternity they will reign with Christ on the new earth (cf. 21:10-11; 22:1-2).

The seventh letter ends with a beautiful promise of reward that is a fitting conclusion not only to the seventh letter but to all seven letters.